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To be interested in something, you have to see its practical benefits. Be attentive, and your studies will be much easier because you will understand the subject better. It's true! No one can know everything in the world, there's nothing wrong with not understanding something. Your teacher, for example, knows this very well and will be happy to help you. By the way, it will be useful and just for general development.


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How to master speed reading

by Kay Leon

Whether you're reading a textbook in a philosophy seminar or the morning paper, you may find reading tedious. Learn a speed-reading technique to accomplish this task much more quickly. Speed-reading will impair your comprehension, but with proper practice you can partially overcome this defect.

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How to overcome the stress before the exam
by Sammy Mercer

If you are a student or a high school student, exams can be a major cause of stress in your life. You may be worried about your grades and the future that depends on exam results. However, stress only makes it harder to take exams. Work on taking care of yourself. Provide for your basic needs, such as eating right and getting enough sleep.

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by Claud Cole

It's an all too common scene-you're in a classroom or a meeting, and the speaker's words pass you by. You can't concentrate on what the speaker is talking about, it's as if the words are in another language. Finally, you hear, "Any questions?" Where exactly would you start? Learn your way around this trap, understand how to concentrate when you're completely distracted from what's going on.


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